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        海峡旅游博览会(简称“海峡旅博会”)由中国国家旅游局、福建省人民政府联合主办,福建省旅游局、厦门市人民政府共同承办。经过十二届的培育发 展,海峡旅博会已成为落地厦门,立足两地四地,辐射东南亚、海丝沿线国家和地区的重要品牌展会,是目前大陆唯一面向两岸旅游业界的品牌展会,也 是推进“海上丝绸之路旅游核心区”建设的重要载体,对厦门正在推进的打造千亿产业链和国际会展名城建设亦有着重要的推动作用。

        Strait Travel Fair, an event co-hosted by China National Tourism Administration, Fujian Provincial People’s Government and co-sponsored by Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, has evolved into an important brand fair based in Xiamen, attracting visitors from the mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau and even from South-east Asia and countries along the Maritime Silk Road. It is the only brand fair that is open to the tourism industry across the strait and an important carrier for construction of “Core Tourist Area along the Maritime Silk Road”, which precipitates the progress of creating a trillions-worth industrial chain and constructing an international exhibition city underway in Xiamen.

        中国(厦门)国际休闲旅游博览会简称休闲旅博会,是由厦门建发国旅集团主办,福建省旅游局指导,厦门市旅游局、厦门市人民政府外事侨务办公室、厦门市会议展览事 务局共同支持,以休闲旅游为主题的国际性博览会,已成功举办二届。展会以国际性港口风景旅游城市厦门为举办地,主动衔接和融入福建自贸试验区和 “一带一路”发展大机遇,为福建乃至中国的休闲旅游产业,搭建起与国际接轨的交流和采购平台,也为世界休闲旅游产业开辟一个了解中国、对接福建 的有效平台。

        Leisure Expo, short for China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo is an international expo themed with leisure tourism hosted by Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Co., Ltd., advised by Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and jointly supported by Xiamen Municipal Tourism Bureau, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen Municipal Conference & Exhibition Affairs Bureau. The event has been successfully held twice. Based in Xiamen, an international port and tourist city, the expo voluntarily aligns itself with the opportunities of development of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone and incorporates itself into the background of the belt and road” initiative to work as a communication and purchase platform for Fujian provincial and even national tourism industry to connect to the international world and meanwhile for the international leisure tourism industry to know more about China and connect to Fujian province.

         融合发展,合作共赢。在国家、省、市各级有关单位的协调指导下,2017中国(厦门)国际休闲旅游博览会将与第十三届海峡旅游博览会同期同馆举办。 两个展会的合力,必将为展商和嘉宾带来更多品牌、经济上的扩大效益,真正实现资源整合、优势互补、扩大影响,对两个展会的品牌升级及厦门旅游会 展产业的加快发展将起到重要作用。

       Integrate for development and cooperate for win-win. Under the coordination and guidance of relevant departments at national, provincial and municipal levels, 2017 China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo and the 13th Strait Travel Fair will be concurrently held in the same hall. The two expos simultaneously held are going to bring more benefits to the exhibitors and guests in terms of brand promotion and economic gains, helping integrate resources, complementing each other’s advantages and expand influence. The move will be critical to upgrading the brand of the two expos and pacing up the development of Xiamen tourism exhibition industry. 

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