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Bus lines starting from the exhibition center:

No. 18 (exhibition center←→Fanghu passenger transportation center)

No. 19A (exhibition center←→Qianpu village←→ferry)

No. 19b (exhibition center←→south Qianpu area←→ferry)

No. 30A (exhibition center←→Qianpu village←→ferry)

No. 30B (exhibition center←→south Qianpu area←→ferry)

No. 36 (exhibition center←→Dongdu)

No. 91 (exhibition center←→departure hall)

No. 98 (exhibition center←→Gaolin residential area)

No. 101 (exhibition center←→Dongdu No. 6 Middle School)

No. 109 (Huli bus station←→exhibition center)

No. 123 (exhibition center←→No. 1 Hospital)

No. 651 (industrial area on the east of Tong’an←→exhibition center)

No. 752 (Xinxu, Xiang’an←→exhibition center)

No. 755 (Xiang’an bus station←→exhibition center)

No. 855(Haicang bus station←→exhibition center)

No. 942 (exhibition center←→Guannan industrial area)

No. 948 (Xingnan, Xinlin←→exhibition center)


Bus lines via the exhibition center:

No. 29 [Software Park Phase II←→ferry (postal office)]

No. 115 (Jingzhou Park←→Tongyi Pier)

No. 751 (Xiang’an Culture and Education Park←→Xiamen University)


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