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2019 China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo

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In recent years, China’s tourism industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. In 2017, the domestic tourism industry recorded 5 billion domestic tourists, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year, and domestic tourism revenue reached RMB 4.5661 trillion, up 15.9 percent. At the same time, tourism has progressively evolved from the primary stage of sightseeing into a higher stage of leisure, holidaying and experience.

In 2015, in response to calls of the National Tourism and Leisure Program (2013-2020), the China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo was inaugurated. It was the first leisure tourism-themed international expo organized by travel agencies; it is also the only marketing platform for leisure tourism products established according to international standards, designated by the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government as an international convention and exhibition platform under the state’s “Belt and Road” strategy and free trade zone policy.

The China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo 2019 will provide an all-round service platform for the entire chain of the tourism industry, covering everything from themed holidays and honeymoon tours, to smart tourism, medical care and health nursing, and to life and leisure. Moreover, organizers will also stage a vast array of supporting events and professional forums and seminars. The expo will be a tourism carnival where travel enthusiasts are able to not only get up-to-date tourism information and a taste of new business forms of tourism, but also purchase tourism products at great discounts. For exhibitors, the expo will provide a professional platform where they can promote their brands, market their products, and expand their channels. 


 Early bird discounts are available to exhibitors who submit application forms and pay exhibition fees before January 31, 2019. For more information, please consult booth sales staff.

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