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Inception of Investment Promotion of China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo 2018

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Recently,the investment promotion of China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo2018 that will be held in XiamenInternational Conference and Exhibition Center during April 20 - 22, 2018 isfully started. It is to be hoped that the “Maritime Silk Road” andinternational features will be further enhanced and the number of participatingcountries (regions) will strive to reach 40.


Withthe opportunity of building international transit hub inXiamen, the exhibition isexpected to carry out in-depth corporation withvarious domestic and foreign airlines. On the basis of previous participatingcountries, Sri Lanka, Iran, Egypt, Israel and other countries along the routesof “One Belt One Road” will be invited to attend the exhibition,and Australia, Canada and Pacific Islands Countries (Tahiti and Fiji) are alsoin the invitation list. In addition, the exhibition intents to attract tourism bureausof each state in America through promotional activities to provide richertourism products to people in Xiamen and the surrounding regions and meet the gooddreams of more people of travelling around and perceiving the world.


Based on threeyears' successful experience, China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expohas repeatedly set new highs in exhibitionscale, number of participating countries, number of exhibitors from theprovinces and cities of China, number of visitors, trading volume and manyother aspects. To achieve the integration of resources, complementaryadvantages and expand the impact, China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo2017 and the 13th Strait Travel Fair were held at the same period,the joint exhibition area was 50,000 ㎡,37 overseascountries and regions participated, 28 provinces and cities (autonomousregions) in China participated, there were more than 160,000 visitors, thetotal consumption of the audience and the transaction amount were RMB120,500,000 (excluding the agreement and contract turnover), and a newexhibition record was created. According tothe evaluation of the third party, the satisfaction rate of this tourism expowas 95.8%, and the comprehensive direct economic benefits and driven economicbenefits were RMB 183, 000, 000 in total.


Theexhibition in 2018 will continue the model of that of 2017, be held inconjunction with the 14th Strait Travel Fair and implemented by C&Duniformly.


China(Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo 2018 will be sponsored by C&D,guided by Fujian Tourism Development Commission, and jointly supported by XiamenMunicipal Tourism Development Commission, Foreign and Overseas Chinese AffairsOffice of Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen Convention and ExhibitionBureau. The exhibition will be held in China’s leisure tourism demonstration city-Xiamen,and it will build an internationally compatible one-stop shopping transactionpromotion platform for the leisure tourism industry of Fujian, even for that ofChina, open up an effective platform for the world’s leisure and tourismindustry to understand China and connect with Fujian and create a quality,affordable procurement platform of tourism leisure products for people inXiamen and the surrounding regions.

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